Android: selecting gif from Gboard breaks emoji keyboard

Once you open the gif selection screen on Gboard (the default keyboard) it will sometimes allow you to post one GIF and then the keyboard switches back to qwerty and will not allow you to open GIF selection or emoji keyboard. If you used Gboard to post a GIF in another app and then come into MM Gboard automatically selects GIF causing the keyboard to crash/close instantly. Sometimes opening the emoji keyboard completely crashes the app.

Is this a setting issue or a bug? or just not supported?

Android version: 1.31
Mattermost Version: master.1438.6dc8ecc
Database Schema Version: 5.24.0

Edit: Ok, so I’m pretty sure this is a bug. I just figured out that it only does this if the emoji is the first character in the message. If you press the space bar once then you can open the gif/emoji keyboard and insert whatever you want.

Should I post a bug report on github?

I’ve asked QA to help test this.

That’s great, thank you. Let me know if I can provide any more information to help out.

Our QAs were able to repro the issue that a user taps on a GIF image from keyboard but doesn’t get posted. However, this only happens in the case where GIF image has been selected before.

  1. Select a GIF image for the first time from GIF keyboard
  2. Either post GIF image or remove from post draft
  3. Select recent GIFs icon from GIF keyboard (icon that looks like a clock)
  4. Select the same GIF image from #1


  • GIF selection works when user selects an image from recents that has not been selected before
  • GIF selection works when user selects an image not from recents

Can you please verify if the above is what you are experiencing?

Actually we have a fix queued for this issue here:

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And now it’s already fixed. You guys are awesome. :+1:

I downloaded the Beta build with the fix and we will use that until you guys have a release with the fix.

Thanks so much!

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