Emoji rendering breaks intermittently

Emojis often fail to render correctly. This may only occur with GIF emojis, though I’m not sure.

Steps to reproduce
I’m on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS using mattermost-desktop v5.4.0 installed via snap. I have Dark Mode enabled.

Expected behavior
Emojis should render correctly.

Observed behavior
Often, GIF emojis render as a flickering collection of apparently random pixels. I do not recall whether I have observed this problem with non-GIF emojis. This occurs with emojis used in messages as well as reactions. Mousing over the emoji still displays the name of the emoji, as expected.




What is your Mattermost server version?

Would you be able to upload the emoji file here for us to test?

Sorry that I never responded. Our Mattermost server has been upgraded in the meantime, which seems to have resolved the issue.