Unable to view emojiS in chat, all emojis show: $MM_EMOTICON0

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I have a coworker who is unable to view emojis in the chat. The only thing she can see is $MM_EMOTICON0 where an emoji is placed. She is the only one with this issue and we confirmed that her system is up to date, last update was in April.

Steps to reproduce

We are using Version 3.9.0

Expected behavior

Coworker is unable to see emojis in the chat. The emojis are replaced with $MM_EMOTICON0

Observed behavior

Hi @jennesqueda,

Thanks for your feedback,

Could we have your help upgrading to the latest version of Mattermost? v3.10 released on June 16th.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, could you help by letting us know the operating system and browser the issue is happening in?