Autoplay GIFs and image importation


I managed to install mattermost, and it works great for now.
We use it in my team to replace the mails.

But something we heavily used in our mails are GIFs, but they don’t autoplay in chat. It basically looks like this :

I think it could be great to add it as an option.

Something else that would be great is the ability to import an image directly from a link. I’m not very clear, but to see what I mean, you can install the giphy in chrome and try to import a gif directly

Thanks for the suggestion! Definitely agree with playing GIFs, there’s a feature suggestion on our uservoice forums to support giphy here if you’d like to upvote it, or perhaps you can create a new suggestion for GIF support in general if that doesn’t cover what you’re looking for.

I think this is something we would like to add at some point, and it’s great to get feedback from the community so we can gauge how important it is to people!

Hi there,
The last time I tried Mattermost, Gif files were not auto-played when posted. We have a real need for that kind of feature (not only to share cute Gifs full of puppies and kitten :slight_smile: ). As a video game company, our artists often need to show us animations as Gif before validation. Having them automatically started in the chat would be a HUGE help.
This thread is now two years old, I wanted to know if there is now an option or something to activate auto-play for Gifs.

Hi @Florian,

GIFs will start playing after clicking the thumbnail to open the file preview window. We are working on an improved thumbnail UI where GIFs will play automatically without having to open the preview window.