Gify integration

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Could anybody know if does exist some Gify plugin that supports preview?. Else, some Hubot integration?..

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Sorry for the noise… I have discovered in 5.1 you include something similar but with another gif site…

The problem I have now is that both :

one of them (and really both) seem not to support now 5 branch…

We use Hubot with Mattermost… perhaps is some other implementation of Hubot for Mattermost?.

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Hi @egoitzr! I’ve been doing research on this and haven’t been lucky yet to find a Giphy preview for Hubot supported by Mattermost - I’ll ask our devs and other community members if anyone knows more information on this.

@loafoe Wondering if you could help take a look at this? egoitzr is asking whether Hubot supports giphy previews on Mattermost v5.x.

Hi Amy!

Don’t worry about that mate… I’ll wait… In version 5.1 Giphy has preview… just have to wait since they release the new plugins for Mattermost… we use Hubot for things like reminders… and that’s the reason because I need to wait but that’s ok :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Don’t worry :slight_smile: