GFYCAT is going away. What does it mean for Mattermost users?

With the recent announcement of GFYCAT shutting down on Sep 1, 2023 we want to clarify how this impacts you.

Who does it impact?

All Mattermost self-hosted instances will not have a functional in-product GIF selector (see screenshot above) from Sep 1, 2023. The Mattermost team is working on releasing a fix scheduled for the v9.0 (September 15) release, as well as subsequent v8.0 dot release and for supported ESR versions. Moving forward, the GIF picker will be powered by GIPHY.

Will I no longer be able to use GIFs in Mattermost?

If you use GIFs in Mattermost using the in-product GIF picker, users will not see any GIFs starting September 1 until your Mattermost instance is upgraded to v9.0 or subsequent v8.0 dot release. If you’re on a supported ESR version, a dot release will be available that you can upgrade to.

If you use GIFs in Mattermost via the plugin, you can continue without interruption if it is powered by GIPHY or Tenor.

GIFs are important to us. How do we minimize the impact of this shutdown?

We recommend upgrading to the v9.0 or v8.0 subsequent dot release or an ESR dot release as soon as it is available.

We understand that GIFs are an integral part of users’ ability to express themselves and communicate with colleagues. As such, the GIF plugin is also available.


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