How to disable animated gif


Is there a possibility to disable the playing of animated gifs?

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Hi @Jos,

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Could you help explain a little more about which version of Mattermost you have installed and your set-up with animated gifs please?

NOt sure if that was the original intent, but in my case, I would like to disable a gif after I saw it.
The problem (annoyance) is once I saw and giggle about it, it always catch my attention until enough messages are done to push it “off the screen”.
The best, I think, would be to have an option to collapse it so it is out of sight.

Hi @biohazarus,

Depending on your server version, you should be able to see a collapse button on all images and gifs that you can use to collapse those gifs when you want to.

You could go to Main Menu > Account Settings > Display > Default appearance of image previews > Collapsed, and that way those gifs will be visible only if you click the expand button to display them.

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