How to disable Youtube previews?

is there a possibility to disable Youtube preview images when a youtube link is posted?
Because with the preview the browser does already load an image from an external server which is not really EU GDPR compliant.
For example a video link like the link below which automatically does create a preview image.
Or is the image stored locally inside the Mattermost server when the link is posted and then accessed from there?

how it looks like in Mattermost:

Hey @GuidoD - indeed there is!

If you go to System Console > Customization > Posts, there is a setting for enabling/disabling website link previews. If you turn that setting off, it’ll disable all link previews, including YouTube previews.

Note: Make sure you have Mattermost 5.4 or later installed. Earlier versions had a bug where YouTube previews were not affected by this setting.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: