Mattermost 4.1 collapse preview bug

In the version 4.1 if the default display setting of the preview is collapsed you can open or close the preview fine. But if the default is expanded there is no open/close button beside the preview. Is this a known bug?

Hi @Kemy, can you please help by identifying which type of link you posted? If you can share the links here that would be helpful in reproducing.

Hi Eric,

i attach two pictures. On the first picture the default setting is “expanded”. The first message is a picture and it has the collapse button. The second message is a youtube link which has no collapse button.

On the second picture the deafult setting is “collapsed” both messages have the collapsed button.

I hope this helps you.


Ah, got it, thanks @Kemy. We have fixed this on master and it will be available in Mattermost v4.2 releasing September 16th.

Ticket here: