Collapse Attachments

Hi all,

Are there any plans to allow collapsing the attachments of a message? This ability is available in Slack and it helps when the attachment might be images or additional information that is not necessary.

Also related, the /collapse slash command has a different behavior that I expected (coming from Slack). In Slack images, attachments and site previews are expanded as they come, but I can collapse whatever I see at that point. But new ones will be expanded. I kinda got used to this, so that older message are not expanded when I scroll up.
Now in mattermost is either all collapsed or all expanded.

Are there any plans for a mix/hybrid of this? More in the lines of what Slack does?


Hi @ngcnelson, I think the /collapse behaviour in Slack collapses all images/videos/files, and leaves the text for site previews, is that correct?

In Mattermost /collapse currently works for images and videos from a web link. We would need to look into making it work for site previews and integration posts containing images, but I think that would make sense to do.

For uploaded files, we need to figure out how this should work though since Mattermost allows multiple files to be uploaded per post (so would we only have one collapse icon that collapses all files on the post? where would the icon go? etc). If you or anyone else from the community is interested in writing a spec for how this should work please feel free to come join us in the UX Design channel on to discuss!

And finally, we don’t have any near future plans to make /collapse only collapse previous files in the channel, but if someone from the community would like to work on a pull request for it that would be great. I’ve created a ticket here on the issue: