Missing image previews as they were in Slack :(

Ok, we switched from Slack to Mattermost. It is almost ok :slight_smile: The first thing users see, after switching to Mattermost is when pasting the image, it is cropped, small, and not at all like what it was in Slack. We are really struggling with that. They have to click on the image to see it compete, click again to close it down, and then type. In Slack it was the whole picture. I just cannot believe this really does not bother anyone. This is a basic thing, chat with pictures. A sample is attached.

Is this really so hard to implement?

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Hi @BobTB,

Thanks for your feedback,

At present, we are working on improving image thumbnails and you can follow the ticket here.

If this doesn’t meet your needs, perhaps you’d like to open a feature suggestion on the forum where your suggestion can be upvoted by yourself and others?

This ticket is opened since 2015 … I have no hope it will happen soon…

Thanks @BobTB,

Most features are developed because of input from the community and upvoting them. The more popular and requested a feature is, the better chance it has of making it onto the roadmap and into the product.