Show pictures in original size

I receive screenshots from my colleagues on a daily basis. When I click on them the picture is not opened in its original size but seems to have a fixed smaller size.
Therefore I often cannot read the text on the screenshot. I have to save it and reopen it. Is there a way to show the picture with its correct size?


Hi @VincentVegas!

Thank you for reaching out.

Can you share a screenshot of an example of what you experience?
Are you using webapp, desktop app, or mobile?
What Mattermost server version are you using?

Here are also some config settings related to images that might help:

Hi Amy.

I use the Windows Desktop Client with Mattermost Enterprise Edition v4.9.
This is a screenshot of viewing a screenshot in Mattermost.

It seems that the image always has a maximum of 50% of the height/width of the app window. It would be nice if I could click on the image and it opens as big as possible, in this case as big as the screen or at least as big as the app window.

The settings in the link seemed to allow this, but apparently they were removed in the current versions.


Actually this is the screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot.

Hi @VincentVegas!

I chatted with our product managers and it was decided that we would open an improvement ticket to investigate increasing max dimensions of the preview window - here is the ticket for reference so you can follow its progress: