Memes and Image Size!


I want to increase the size of images that is allowed in Mattermost so that I can post memes.

Steps to reproduce

Upload an image or add a link to a channel. The images get shrunk!

Expected behavior

I would like a way to set my own conditions for the size of images.

Observed behavior

No errors. They just get shrunk!

I found an answer after reading through more of the forum!
All you have to do is for example:
![title]( = 500x500)

Ok, so the above did work. However, I can’t increase the height of the image outside of the display window. By that I mean you can’t scroll down (or up) a large image. Mostly the command is good for shrinking big images I think. :frowning:

Hi @coreywhite,

Are you seeing this issue on webapp / desktop app, or mobile app?

For memes you could use this plugin: Would this work?

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