Large image thumbnails / previews

Hi there,

In the blogpost about Mattermost 2.1 release ( ), there is a screenshot of the windows electron app, showing a preview of an image using full width of the chat space.

How do I achieve that behavior? No matter how I extend the ThumbnailWidth option, I just get a small square crop of the picture. Would it be possible to:

  • extend the size of the thumbnail
  • set it to resize rather than to crop, so that it is immediately clear what is on the picture (sometimes crop of the top left corner is not so informative)

Thank you for your great work, I really enjoy Mattermost.

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Thanks @hydrandt!

It’s an embedded image using markdown, use this:


Here’s an example (because forums support markdown):

Thanks @matterbot!

That looks much better than the thumbnails of uploaded images.

Would it be possible to make the default thumbnail of an uploaded image show in a similar way? I see I can get the download link and embed it with markdown; not that convenient :slight_smile:

Sounds like a feature that might attract contributors if there was a feature idea filed. Would you be open to contributing one?