Image Viewing - cannot enlarge the image to see the detail

First of all, sorry for my lame English.
One problem with Mattermost’s image viewing feature is that when viewing a long image, it is impossible to zoom and it is very difficult to see the details.
It’s not a good idea to save the image locally and view it. Most of the time, as well as on the phone, you need to see the content of the image and respond to others.
I hope that Mattermost’s image viewing feature provides a “view original size” and provides the ability to drag and drop to view the details of the image, as well as tool buttons that can zoom in and out of the image.
Thanks to the development team for bringing such a good use of IM software, I hope that Mattermost can be better at it.

Hi @169469,

Thank you for the feedback, I’ve forwarded this to our UX team.

Hi @169469, images can be pinched to zoom on the mobile app. Tap the image in chat to open the preview window and pinch to zoom or zoom out. This should at least work on the latest mobile app version.

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