Uploading images by mobile devices

For example, users take pictures with iPhone and upload them to Mattermost. The file size of the photo data is easily 5MB - 9MB.
For mobile users, I think that this is also a large amount of packets.

When attaching images with e-mail software, e-mail software has a function to compress and edit images and attach them. Is there a way to have a function to compress and attach images when uploading images with Mattermost? Or forcibly change to prescribed size by basic setting etc.

Hi Babbles,

I’ve noticed this issue and created a discussion similiar to what you have in mind.

Check out: iOS Send photos to mattermost creates large files

Is true. I noticed the link and noticed it. When uploading photos to Mattermost, the size of the file is doubled. When I download the same picture from Mattermost, it returns to the original picture size display again. That is, is it a matter of file size display of Mattermost?

This filesize indicate seems to be solved.

Regarding photo uploading, is there a way to forcedly recompress the image on the Mattermost side? Or are there alternatives / workarounds?

The camera performance of the iPhone is improved, and in many cases the image size is meaninglessly big. iPhone camera has no standard file size adjustment function.

Hi @Babbles, images can be pinched to zoom on the mobile app. Tap the image in chat to open the preview window and pinch to zoom or zoom out. This should at least work on the latest mobile app version.

It is not the size of the file, but the capacity of the file. When shooting with iPhone it is big capacity such as 6MB over. Of course, the quality of the photograph may be questioned, but there are also many contents to see the leaflet of the reference level. *There is no need to stick to quality.

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Anyone fixing this / working on image compression (perhaps via a plugin)? I’d love it too