iOS Send photos to mattermost creates large files

Hi all,

When sending iOS photos from photo library to mattermost. My photos end up around 5M.

When sending the same picture from photo library to iFiles the same photo ends up only 2M.

Is there a reason for it? maybe compressing? but it such a size difference. Are you sure this is needed?

The issue is, with larger files, uploading to Mattermost becames a hussle.


Upload Photo Library To Mattermost:


Share to iFiles (Documents) File Info:


Hi @RbDev, do you know what the size of the file actually is?

apple doesnt tell the original size until you share/export it to an app.

I could try getting those via itunes. give me a minute.

Using windows, You can see the file size is 1.91M.


@RbDev, I’m not able to reproduce this - files remain the same size when I upload to Mattermost. I tested on v1.12 iOS.

Does this happen with all / certain file types and does it reproduce on pre-release?

Photos from iOS camera and photo library.

Yes it is also happening in prerelease server.


@RbDev Sorry about that! Created a ticket here: