Am I correct that there is no audio and video compression out of the box?

Am I correct that there is no image and video compression at all?

If I choose an image from disk and share it in a chat, the uploaded image has the exact same size as on disk. Same with an image from my gallery on the phone. Is there an option to enable compression? If you share a lot of images and videos the needed disk space on the server is a lot and fr my use case the best quality is not needed at all.

According to that site: there is a plugin called ` Mattermost Image Proxy ` but if I search for something like that at my plugin marketplace on my mattermost instance I get zero results.

Hi @fuuman,

Thank you so much for bringing up this question. Your understanding is correct that the current version of Mattermost doesn’t apply compression to images or videos out of the box.

That being said, for server efficiency and minimizing disk space usage, we completely understand the necessity for image and video compression, especially when large files are frequently shared.

Regarding the Mattermost Image Proxy, it’s actually a feature in the system console (not a plugin you can find in the marketplace) that allows you to automatically rewrite image URLs with a proxy URL. While this won’t compress your images, it can definitely help maintain efficiency of your server. You can find more about it here in our official documentation.

Your valuable feedback guides our improvements and changes. We’re constantly working on enhancing user experience and we’ll take your comment onboard to see if it’s feasible for us to include such a feature in our future updates.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions or suggestions. We appreciate your contributions to our community!

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