[SOLVED] Cant see the Mattermost chat screen in the whole screen Win 10. Photo attached


In one moment my Mattermost chat changed from using the whole screen to use only a section, as shown in the photo, there is a white space on the right and on the bottom.
Could someone tell me how to set it that the screen chat is display in that white parts also?

Thank you!

Im using:
Mattermost Version 3.4.0
Windows 10

Thanks @Pablo for the report,

There is an issue with Mattermost Desktop 3.4 where increasing or decreasing font doesn’t work properly.

This should be mostly fixed with the next release, so that after you click at least once somewhere in the app, it’ll work properly. A complete fix for it is still in the works.

In the meantime, if you reset to default text size, you’ll be able to see the chat window at full screen. To set the default text size, you can either:

  1. Press CTRL + 0 on your keyboard
  2. Go to View > Actual Size in the menu bar at the top of the Windows app

Let me know if that helps resolve the issue?

Hello Jason,

It worked, Im really happy.

Thank you so much,

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Thanks for posting your feedback @Pablo, I’ll solve this issue now.