So frustrating: Missing formatting options and UI improvements

I use Mattermost with my whole team of around 20 writers and designers. The young ones hate Mattermost. And who can blame them. The chat UI really isn’t matching what the kids are used to from Telegram and other excellent soft. One thing that annoys me the most is that I cannot add new paragraphs in longer texts.

Like this.

This would basically 10x the user friendliness because it allows better layouting / formatting and hence better digestion of text.

I really don’t understand why this is not the number one priority. Mattermost is a team chat system. Why don’t they get the basics right first. Focus on the core product and make it good so normal people can use it. And once that’s done, add other features.

Hi @satoshiwashere and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Harsh words here and also very subjective remarks, but that’s OK, there are a lot of people who love it for not being like Telegram and other crap out there nowadays, so that’s a personal thing I guess.

You can create paragraphs, just need to make sure that there’s at least one space in the empty lines. That’s not very intuitive and the formatting toolbox could handle that better, I agree with that:


I will see if I can make adding empty lines the number one priority of the developers and have alerted them about this topic here.

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HI @satoshiwashere - Just to confirm, is your issue that you would like more space between paras? Currently the gap is set to 0.5em, and that seems like the right amount of space to me. But I see that here it’s 1em.

Or is your issue that you’d like to have the freedom to add more space by adding more newlines, but Mattermost just compresses them into a single newline?

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@agriesser Yes didn’t mean to be rude. Thanks for the tip with the workaround, that actually works as a patch, I should’ve figured that out by myself.

@agnivade I think a quant larger line height would be great. Ideally make it customizable. Also the font size would be great to set custom. On my web browser I prefer to have 110% or 120% zoom for the best experience.

Maybe you could get consulting from a very seasoned UI professional to optimize some of the small details that matter.

Why is it that when I edit a text, the editor doesn’t work?

This is a good question, I’d also like to be able to use the same editor when editing a message, but I think this is related to the fact that the editing happens inline in the message then.

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