Font of Mattermost app changed accidentally

Font of mattermost app is changed accidentally. Information how to change back is needed.

Steps to reproduce
No idea how to reproduce.
Windows 10 Enterprise
Mattermost App 5.4.0

Expected behavior
One of our Windows Mattermost App User has the issue that the Font off matterost App is changed. No other App has this changes. Windows Font is normal. Opening mattermost in Webbrowser everything is normal. Reinstall Mattermost App changes nothing.
What is to do to change the Font back to an “normal” one?

Observed behavior
Screenshot of the App Font:

Can you please check your C:\windows\fonts folder and look for this font and the last modification timestamp of files in this folder? If you found this font, what name does it have and does renaming it to something else and restarting the app fix the problem?

We delete the Font and reinstall mattermost App. Everything works now “normal”