'"EnableUserCreation": false' disables user invites for all roles

I tried setting RestrictTeamInvite to “system_admin” as well. If EnableUserCreation is set to true then anyone can add new members. If set to false…no one at all can add members.

RestrictTeamInvite seems to have no effect at all.

-EDIT- With EnableUserCreation set to false the slash command /invite_people -EMAIL_ADDRESS- responds ‘Email Invite(s) sent’ but no email/invite is sent. Should respond ‘Not Allowed’ or some such thing.

RTFM, but honestly…the manual is poorly formatted.:

Available in Enterprise Edition E10 and higher

Settings to configure the permission restrictions for sending team invite links and managing channels.

I think this is an extremely poor decision of the maintainers.

Hi @boomboxnation,

Thanks for your feedback,

I believe that when “EnableUserCreation” is set to “false”, it is expected behavior that even system admins are unable to create accounts on the server.

I have, however, created a bug ticket to fix the issue of the incorrect feedback from the “/invite_people” slash command if “EnableUserCreation” is “false”.