Error: Minified React error #290

Hi, i’m receiving the “error: minified react error #290” when i try to search messages or files using date filters, other filters work fine.

Steps to reproduce
I’m using a VPS with Ubuntu 22.04
I have installed Mattermost server using the Mattermost docker guide, i’ve also updated the server, so it’s now using version 9.5.2.
For the webapp i’ve followed the webapp guide and made my custom webapp.
Since i’m using Mattermost with Docker, i’ve used volumes to load my webapp dist inside the container so it can be read by the server at runtime.
As follow part of my docker-compose.yml where i’ve defined new volumes.

      - ${MATTERMOST_CONFIG_PATH}:/mattermost/config:rw
      - ${MATTERMOST_DATA_PATH}:/mattermost/data:rw
      - ${MATTERMOST_LOGS_PATH}:/mattermost/logs:rw
      - ${MATTERMOST_PLUGINS_PATH}:/mattermost/plugins:rw
      - ${MATTERMOST_CLIENT_PLUGINS_PATH}:/mattermost/client/plugins:rw
      - ${MATTERMOST_BLEVE_INDEXES_PATH}:/mattermost/bleve-indexes:rw
      # My additions made to try apply my modification to the server
      - ./volumes/app/mattermost/templates:/mattermost/templates:rw
      - ./volumes/app/mattermost/i18n:/mattermost/i18n:rw
      - ./volumes/app/mattermost/client:/mattermost/client:rw

I’m saying that detail because by doing some test, i’ve noticed that, if i comment #- ./volumes/app/mattermost/client:/mattermost/client:rw the server can’t access my custom webapp anymore and instead load a default one, and in that case the error doesn’t occur.
So the problem seems to be related to the webapp, but i don’t know what to do.

Expected behavior
“ON:”, “BEFORE:” and “AFTER:” filters working.

Observed behavior
That is the point where i get the error, if i select one of the three, the website crash and end in a white screen:
Screenshot 2024-03-13 175316

That is the error in the browser console:

So far, no other error occured for the rest of the system, with my current setup.
I’ve also made another test in a new directory, created a new “mattermost with docker” installation and a new webapp dist without making any modification, just the one related to volumes in docker-compose.yml and still receive that error.