Run webapp with local mattermost-redux

I’m trying to build and run the webapp locally with a local copy of mattermost-redux, and can’t get it to work. I’ve tried everything I can find online: various combinations of npm cache clean, removing node_modules and reinstalling, npm link, npm add ../mattermost-redux, npm install ../mattermost-redux, and so on. (And of course I’ve tried the actual instructions in the developer docs. Doing an npm run dev in the redux repo doesn’t actually produce anything as far as I can tell.)

Everything I’ve tried that results in a symlink produces a whole series of errors like this on build:

WARNING in ./components/do_verify_email/index.ts 23:6-21
"export 'verifyUserEmail' was not found in 'mattermost-redux/actions/users'
    at HarmonyImportSpecifierDependency._getErrors (/Users/daf/Documents/Parrot/mattermost-webapp/node_modules/webpack/lib/dependencies/HarmonyImportSpecifierDependency.js:109:11)"

WARNING in ./components/needs_team/index.ts 44:6-17
"export 'viewChannel' was not found in 'mattermost-redux/actions/channels'"

The only thing that works (other than not using the local mattermost-redux) is to do a full-on copy of the redux repo into node_modules. But of course that’s less than ideal since it means redoing that copy every time I make a change on the redux side.

Any idea what’s going on and how to fix it?