Exporting permission schemes

Hi folks,

I was just trying to export my permission scheme as documented here: Command line tools — Mattermost documentation.

I’m running Mattermost 7.8.5.

Unfortunately though, this command seems to be gone:

root@HOSTNAME /opt/mattermost # sudo -u mattermost ./bin/mattermost permissions export
Error: unknown command "permissions" for "mattermost"
Run 'mattermost --help' for usage

That being said, historically, a lot of commands moved to mmctl, but unfortunately this command doesn’t seem to have been migrated:

root@HOSTNAME /opt/mattermost # mmctl permissions
Management of permissions

  mmctl permissions [command]

Available Commands:
  add         Add permissions to a role (EE Only)
  remove      Remove permissions from a role (EE Only)
  reset       Reset default permissions for role (EE Only)
  role        Management of roles

Is there currently any way to export permission schemes in a structured way?

Cheers & Thanks for any hint

Have opened a docs issue: Permission scheme export - documentation wrong, functionality still there? · Issue #6459 · mattermost/docs · GitHub