Failed to initialize config when running mattermost load-test locally

Hello All,

I am trying to run mattermost load test locally.I am done with the setup.

When running loadtest all,I get the following error.

{“level”:“error”,“msg”:“Failed to initialize config”,“fields”:[{“Key”:“error”,“Type”:25,“Integer”:0,“String”:"",“Interface”:{}}]}

If someone can share their “loadtestconfig.json” . file . or help me with the issue,it would be great.

@sourabkumarkeshri which of the profiling strategies did you use for your setup?

You can also find the default loadtestconfig.json file here:

I used manual loadtesting against an existing cluster since i wanted to run it locally.

Also,I copied the default loadtestconfig.json and made changes in the “MattermostInstallDir” field as required.
But,I am not sure what do I need to put in other fields.

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Thank you, I’ve reached out to our support team to see if they have ideas.

Topic raised by @sourabkumarkeshri in the official Github page for mattermost-load-test:

Looks like there was a missing opening bracket that resolved the issue, @sourabkumarkeshriwould you be open to confirming the loadtest ran successfully after that?

Hi @jasonblais,
Thank you for the help.

Filling that missing opening bracket definitely helped me move forward.But I am still facing some other issues which I am trying to resolve on my own.

Once the loadtest runs successfully,I will definitely confirm it here.