Feature Request: Group Chat Organization

The request: Please pull Group Chats/Discussions out from DIRECT MESSAGES and create a new heading like GROUP MESSAGES or something… AND, on top of that… have that list sortable (oh how would I love the Group Chat with the most recent message to be at the top).

For context, I work for a small company (< 25 employees) and we use Mattermost. Each Group Chat gets a new “entry” under DIRECT MESSAGES. At this point, it is ridiculously difficult to find the individual people, scrolling through all the Group Chat mess. Group Chat 1 has Bob and Bill. Group Chat 2 has Bob, Bill, and Mary… Group Chat 3 has Bob, Bill, Mary, Jenny, Tim, and Hank… extrapolate this out to 10 different group threads that start with the same 3 people… All of these Group Chat channels are all truncated to the same view in the left pane… and, Bill just posted a message to ONE of these group chats (which I, thankfully, had open) so I see the message… but just now Bob direct-messaged me to I scroll through the mess to find his direct channel… after that, I want to go back to what Bill said in the Group Chat… bugger… which one was it?

It’s frustrating.

Hi, @nmorehart

I have created a feature request in the proper channel here for the product team’s visibility:

Please share any additional thoughts there and cast your vote(s) on it. I hope that we will be able to get this feature prioritized accordingly.

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