Ability to view channels in reverse chronological order

We need an ability for Users to view channels by most recently updated (i.e. in reverse chronological order).

We are currently running a pilot of Mattermost Enterprise with a subset of our Users. I am receiving very strong feedback from the Users that they are frustrated about not being able to find recent messages. If we are to unable resolve this issue, it is most likely mean we will not adopt Mattermost Enterprise.

Example Scenario:

  1. User receives a number of new message notifications
  2. User quickly reviews Unread messages
  3. User deals with most urgent message
  4. User now has to find the other recent messages to respond to
  5. User’s only option is remember which channel the messages were in or to visit every channel and check the time of the last message
  6. User is unable to find recent messages and is frustrated

Possible Solutions:

  • An option or setting to order all the channels in the Channel Sidebar via reverse chronological order (ie. most recent are at the top). While observing our users I have noticed they don’t distinguish between Public, Private and Direct messages. So ideally all of the channels would be sorted as one list by date of last message.
  • Add “Recents” heading to the Channel Sidebar (like “Unreads”) that lists the most recently updated channels
  • Create an “Unread and Recent” heading in the Channel Sidebar that combines both Unread and recent channels. Items that are unread appear highlighted as they currently do but they are not removed from the list when someone reads them, they just lose the highight.

What are other platforms doing:

  • Atlassian’s Stride has a recent list with rooms (channels) and direct messages together in reverse chronological order - On the Desktop Atlassian even hides all other channels behind a button. On the Mobile, reverse chronological list of channels is the primary view.
  • In Microsoft Teams the two most import views are Activity and Chat, both of which display in reverse chronological order.
  • WhatsApp chats have the most recent at the top.
  • iMessage conversations have the most recent at the top.
  • Skype chats and calls have the most recent at the top.
  • Slack has “All Unreads” on the desktop, but this has the same discoverability issues for recent messages that we have with Mattermost’s Unread messages. Slack doesn’t have anything on mobile.

I also note that there are two Feature requests for this issue on the Mattermost Uservoice forum:

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