For customer admins: True-up “Share to Mattermost” button will be discontinued in v9.9

We are planning to discontinue the True-up review “Share to Mattermost” button due to issues stemming from differing instance setup as well as feedback from customers.

This functionality was released in v7.9 with the intent of discontinuing the practice of taking a screenshot for true-up and replacing it with a button that transmits information needed for true-up on demand.

For customers with air-gapped instances, the option was to download a file and send to Mattermost.

Why is the feature being deprecated?

Due to differing customer instance setups (e.g. firewalls, connectivity), some customers have reported using the feature but not getting the data sent successfully. This has led to a less-than-ideal experience during the quarterly true-up.

Furthermore, the feature was designed to:

  • be only visible during the quarterly true-up period
  • hide the functionality after the data has been sent

While the design is not an issue by itself, any errors after the data has been sent cannot be recovered (e.g. administrators cannot re-send the data if not received by Mattermost).

Will this functionality be replaced?

As of writing, we are currently in the early stages of designing a replacement that aims to not only remove the need for screenshots, but improves the entire quarterly true-up process altogether.

If you’re interested in sharing your thoughts to shape the design & development of the solution, please contact your Customer Success Manager.