GDPR: Cookie notice configuration

As requested from this Problem topic: GDPR: No cookie notice upon opening Mattermost

Per GDPR it is required to inform users upon entering a website, if Cookies are stored and also letting them make an informed decision about which kinds of Cookies they want to accept.

Therefore it would be required for me to be GDPR compliant to

  1. show a cookie notice when entering my Mattermost installation
  2. deactivate all non-essential cookies (including Statistics!) when the user did not opt-in.
  3. only after Opt-in activate the other Cookies.

The user has to be able to make an informed decision. Therefore, there should be a list of Cookies used on the Mattermost instance with understandable explanations what these cookies are used for.

As this feature would be required to be compliant with EU laws I would see this Feature request as very important.


I agree that this would be a good idea.

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