Generate favicon with docker Mattermost


I deployed a Mattermost instance using and I want to change the favicons.

I replaced all the files in client/images/favicon in the app container by slightly modifying the Dockerfile, and it works for the default favicon but not for the mentions/unread ones. I noticed that those points to (I assume) automatically generated files.

How can I re-generate those files with my new favicons and make Mattermost aware of them?


What I did for my personal Mattermost installation was take my organization’s image and upload it to the website which then created the favicon.ico icon for me, as well as several other sizes of the PNG image in the correct format to be optimized for different browsers, etc. (see below image for example of the output you will receive)

Note that you must have the image you upload in a circular format before you upload it, it does not convert it for you.

After I downloaded the zip file, I moved it to my webserver with SFTP, and then extracting them in the /opt/mattermost/client/images/favicon directory.

I then edited /opt/mattermost/client/root.html to insert the code that tells you to use to apply your images, and inserted it into the head of the root HTML document, taking note to alter the file path to ensure that it remains functional. Furhtermore I made a copy of the favicon.ico file in the root directory of the client file path, which also helped. I can’t speak to the effectiveness in Docker, as I have only done this with a install on a LAMP stack, but in principle I hope it helps! :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I’ll be happy to help out however I can!

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