Get the error "502 Bad Gateway" after doing apt-get update and apt-get upgrade

Hi everybody,
I’m new comer in the forum and i would like to congratulate you about job you are doing there.
I had debian 8 based on proxmox where i installed gitlab and set up mattermost.
After doing apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, gitlab is always working good without any problem but on mattermost i get this error message “502 Bad Gateway”.
I’m trying to solve it unfortunatly.
Please how can i solve it?
All help and assistance will be really appreciated.
thanks in advance

It looks like maybe the Mattermost server stopped during the apt-get upgrade. Restarting Omnibus should fix that. At the command line, type sudo gitlab-ctl restart. After you do that, you might get a timeout error for GitLab, but in that case, wait a minute or two for GitLab to finish starting and try again.

Hi JeffSchering,
Thanks for your reply quickly.
I taped the command you advised me attending that all services run ok but unfortunately the error is always there.
Please do you have others suggestions to advise me?
Thanks in advance

Maybe your firewall rules changed? Do you have Omnibus with GitLab and Mattermost on the same server, or did you install them on separate servers?

Log into the machine that hosts Mattermost, and execute this command: curl localhost:8065, which should result in some raw HTML displayed in the terminal. If you don’t get a response then Mattermost is probably not running. You can check the Mattermost log file at /var/log/gitlab/mattermost/current to see why it did not start.

If you see the HTML, then Mattermost is running. In that case, check the NGINX config to make sure that it didn’t somehow get changed during the upgrade. And check your firewall rules to make sure that port 80 is open.

Did you do anything other than apt-get upgrade? Was Mattermost running, then you did the upgrade, then Mattermost was not running? Or did you do other changes too?

I only do apt-get upgrade. I checked where the problem is coming from unfortunately.
And then having yet a strong knowledge on Mattermost i decided to make a new install

Thanks for the feedback @papenzzo,

Did your issue resolve with a new installation?