Getting Started Developing in Mattermost - minor mods

Where is the best place to get started working with this?

Example - Two things I would want to modify right away:

  1. Change ‘Favorites’ to ‘Active Incidents’
  2. Be able to search across ‘Teams’ for hashtag - i.e. #analyst would search across ALL teams and ALL channels not just the current channel and team. (As long as your a member of course)

Is this possible?

Hey @mathurin68, sorry for the delay.

We have developer’s guide which might help get you started. For the specific questions:

  1. You can make this change in your own version if you fork the code base (it’s open source so the code is publicly available). This can be updated in the localization files (i18n/en.json; webapp/i18n/en.json).
  2. This is an interesting idea and potentially useful for many users on multi-team deployments.

Would this be restricted to hashtag search, or would you see it being useful to support cross-team search in general?

Do you have any initial thoughts on how this would look like in the UI (how to distinguish search results between the “bug” channel in Team A and Team B).

Hey Jason,

No worries, I have to wear many hats here so it takes me awhile to repond as well. Yeah, basically we are a SOC so I’m looking at adding multiple links to all our security tools and views.

In addition, we have different teams and groups that have to share data; so it has to be sort of separate but with the ability to share especially with indications of a security incident.

Do you know of anyone in the DC area that has done this? I’m pretty good with python but there would be a bit of a learning curve to get this stuff done.

Thanks and I’m sure once I get started I’ll be on here all the time!!!