Mattermost Random Teams

Decided to open source an integration I built for relieving the covid time anxiety in my organization. The idea is to generate random “team channels” for every week or so to have a kind of “coffee room” where you get to know new people and discus low-threshold chitchat. We have tried it for a couple of weeks now and it has been pretty fun. I am aware of e.g. mattermost-coffeebot, but my approach is slightly different as explained in the gitlab page.

Available from Dockerhub: Docker Hub

Any comments or thougths? I tried to submit this to mattermost official integrations but so far no reply…

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Hello @lani! I’m actually really interested by the concept your plugin presents, it sounds like a great idea, especially as a way to build unity and teamwork in a corporate/company environment! Is your plugin functional with all versions/methods of installation of Mattermost?

Nice to hear @XxLilBoPeepsxX !

We use the Self-managed Enterprise E0 version and I assume compatibility to higher self-managed tiers should be fine.

Regarding the cloud version, I believe the bot itself is fine, since it acts as a non-admin user and I have not found any material stating the API would be different in cloud… The only thing that makes me concerned is how the cloud handles the deleted channels…

Since mattermost only archives channels when they are deleted by user or via API, they will cumulate and need to be cleaned up periodically. In the self-managed version this works with Command Line Tools — Mattermost 5.30 documentation and a piece of cron script I have included in my deployment instructions.

But for cloud I don’t believe such way of deletion exists… I should probably try to query this from mm unless someone here knows.

That’s a very valid point - one that I wouldn’t have thought of, that’s for sure.
Is there a way to perform an operation such as what @lani is describing @ahmaddanial ?

Hello, @lani @XxLilBoPeepsxX

I have double checked with the Cloud team on this and Mattermost Cloud will only allow users to archive the channel instead of deleting them.

I further verified this with the usage of mmctl connected to my Cloud instance and there is no way to delete the channel there too.

That’s interesting, I’m somewhat surprised by that to be honest, you’d think that you would be able to delete them if you wanted to, say, restructure your teams etc.

Is there any other option to “get rid” of unwanted channels in a cloud environment, or would we need to create an alternative method of removal, per se?

Hi, @XxLilBoPeepsxX

The good news is that it is (hopefully) coming soon - [MM-31725] mmctl channel docs are outdated - Mattermost

So, eventually, we will have an mmctl channel delete for Mattermost Cloud too. :slight_smile:

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That sounds great! I’m looking forward to seeing the feature roll-out!

Good that it will be possible in the cloud too… However it would be nice to have a possibility to have some more official cleanup method than cron job + mmctl + to-be-deleted-markers + grep.

Of course this kind of disposable channel thing is not very typical in other use cases than mine.

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