Global Team Categories

Hello Everybody,

I am using Mattermost for mutliple teams and we are using the “categories” feature to sort channels in global topics.
As far as I know, this feature can not be setup globally in a team, only on a per user basis. What i would like to do is to setup categories in a global style to be synchronized to every user. Currently every user has to setup those categories by themselves.
Am i missing a configuration here or is this not possible currently?

We are using matermost version 6.5.0 in Team Edition.
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This is exactly the feature we are looking for.

So for the entire company, we should like to create categories (e.g) teams and pre-assign users into the categories. When a user then logs into their matter most that can see a team for each category and the users for each team.

Perhaps a basic export / import mechanism could also work?

Hi everybody and welcome to the Mattermost forums mike,

with regards to the feature request: Are we also talking about a permanent update of those categories and channels, basically keeping them in sync with a template you define and want to manage or should this just be used for the initial deployment on new user accounts?
There are API calls available for preconfiguring a user’s experience and while there is no platform integrated way to do that as of today, I think it’s pretty easy to hack something together which does exactly that that could be run periodically, but I think it also depends on how your users are being created.
Will they be created by you or is that a self-signup where they need to immediately have the correct config right after the first login?

Hi again,

maybe the channel actions (available sind 6.6) would be helpful for you. You can configure on a per-channel basis, that once a user joins a channel, this channel will automatically be added to a pre-defined channel category in his client. If the category does not exist, it will be created automatically.