Have you recently set up a Mattermost server? Let's talk!

Hi Mattermost community. I’m Adam Clarkson a Product Manager at Mattermost. I’m taking a closer look at Mattermost onboarding experience for administrators and am looking to talk to people who have recently set up a server instance and can share with me what went well, what didn’t. And perhaps most importantly - what were the main use cases you were trying to address and how quickly were you able to address them (gainfully or painfully)?

If you’re able to give me 15 min for a quick zoom chat let me know and I’ll set something up.

Thank you! Adam

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Not much to share as my (first ever) install was pretty uneventful, but happy to talk.

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Hi Tomz thanks for volunteering. I would love to find 15 min (no more I promise) to meet and ask you a few questions if you can spare the time - adam.clarkson@mattermost.com