Specific Board Issue

About 1 month ago, this specific channel on our mattermost started to glitch out, we use this board as a ticket system for hardware needs.

all users are now “not board members” even tho the settings hasn’t changed and the entire team is able to join this board by default, when we add them it just doesn’t work, assignee (me) does the same and we have weird “created by” values showing

This is really annoying and we don’t understand what the issue is.

Can you help on that please?


Hi @BKZU and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Did you install an update since then? What server and boards version is running on the system and can you see any errors in the /opt/mattermost/logs/mattermost.log file during startup (some permission or database scheme migration errors)?

Yes, i created a ticket on github last month and we were suggested to update, we did, to 7.9.2 but the issue remains, and it’s specific to one board only.