Mattermost 6.0 board not refreshing

I just updated from mattermost 5.0 to MM 6.0 but i noticed that when i create board, task etc. It does not show automatically but i have to refresh the page to display any new entry on the page.

Is anyone else having this issue? Any solution?

Also when i try to login to the mattermost desktop ( macbook ) it shows following error.

Your session has expired. Please log in again.

Would you be able to upgrade to v6.0.2 to see if it helps with the issue? v6.0.2 includes some bug fixes to Boards.

I’m experiencing this same issue on a new upgrade to mattermost 6.2.1, accessed from the browser. The original system administrator (first user created) doesn’t experience this issue, but all other users do, regardless of permissions (regular users, channel administrators or system administrators).

Running on my own server.

Happy to share logs etc. if that’s helpful.

Do the tips here help Refresh Issues on Boards · Discussion #1971 · mattermost/focalboard · GitHub?