No Boards Functionality in 6.2 install

How do I enable Boards functionality? We have MM 6.2 EE, self-hosted:

I’m trying to follow the directions for “Mattermost v6.0 onwards” directions here, but have no Boards in the Plugins:

I believe a previous admin may have upgraded us with each new release, with us starting w/ 5.x some time a couple of years ago.

Are you open to upgrade to a more recent version of Mattermost to see if it’s fixed in a newer version?

I also found this older issue Bug: Boards not working (Mattermost 5.39->6.2.1 upgrade) with SiteURL · Issue #2027 · mattermost/focalboard · GitHub, but if it doesn’t match what you’re experiencing, feel free to open a new issue in that repo.

Thanks. Will try to update and report back.

Using desktop app v5.0.4 (on Windows).

OK, this is still not working.

We upgraded to 6.6.1:

I’m running on client 5.1.0:


There is no Boards plugin:


We upgraded starting w/ version 5. Is that the reason?

Feel free to open an issue in the Boards repo Issues · mattermost/focalboard · GitHub.