Boards not working (5.39->6.2.1 upgrade)

Hi - I updated our server to 6.2.1 this morning (from 5.39.0), using the basic method suggested by the upgrade guide (which I’ve done many times previously), and boards aren’t working.

Attempting to view a channel’s boards results in:

The team you’re requesting is private or does not exist. Please contact your Administrator for an invitation.

I’m a member of the team, and the administrator. Other (non-admin) team members see the same issues.

The log contains:

{"timestamp":"2021-12-30 12:32:49.822 +11:00","level":"error","msg":"API ERROR","caller":"app/plugin_api.go:924","plugin_id":"focalboard","code":"403","error":"\"access denied to workspace\"","_msg":"\"Access denied to workspace\"","api":"/api/v1/workspaces/0/users"}
{"timestamp":"2021-12-30 12:32:49.825 +11:00","level":"error","msg":"API ERROR","caller":"app/plugin_api.go:924","plugin_id":"focalboard","code":"401","error":"","_msg":"\"user does not have workspace access\"","api":"/api/v1/workspaces/0"}

Clicking “Back to mattermost” brings me to a page where I can “Log in again”, which gives me a 404 and the following error in the log:

{"timestamp":"2021-12-30 12:33:06.241 +11:00","level":"error","msg":"API ERROR","caller":"app/plugin_api.go:924","plugin_id":"focalboard","code":"401","error":"\"unable to delete the session: no update allowed from focalboard, update it using mattermost\"","_msg":"\"incorrect login\"","api":"/api/v1/logout"}

I’ve tried resetting the desktop app cache, ensured all server file permissions are set appropriately, restarted the mattermost service and apache proxy multiple times. Tried logging out and back in to renew my session.

I was previously using focalboard as an external client plugin - I removed that copy from client/plugins but it didn’t change anything. I tried removing/re-adding/enabling the new plugin but no change.

The rest of mattermost seems to be working fine…

Would you be open to re-opening this issue at Issues · mattermost/focalboard · GitHub?

Sure, issue is here.

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