Mattermost 6.1 Board Not refreshed

Hi Guys,

I just upgrade my mattermost server from version 5.39 to 6.1.0
I just realized that there is new plugin focalboard on this new version but i have problem with this board

  1. When Create New Board in “A” channel its not automatially refresh the page but i need to switch to antoher channgel first fo example to “B” channel then i go back to “A” channel to see the board created

  2. When I Delete the board also its not show me like “Confirm Popup” to confirm

I tried from the web version and the desktop version,both having the same issue

Please advice

Thanks in advance

From the logs that i what see is like these :

{"timestamp":"2021-11-27 04:51:49.837 Z","level":"info","msg":"BroadcastingBlockChange","caller":"app/plugin_api.go:895","plugin_id":"focalboard","workspaceID":"mjg8wbbgi7gix8jcim41c54xur","blockID":"bfn9wpr8j4a5dhku1mgwtmqdo8c"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-27 04:51:49.844 Z","level":"info","msg":"BroadcastingBlockChange","caller":"app/plugin_api.go:895","plugin_id":"focalboard","workspaceID":"mjg8wbbgi7gix8jcim41c54xur","blockID":"7ez77qjb644dddwsq1asfsbp5ra"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-27 04:51:49.849 Z","level":"info","msg":"BroadcastingBlockChange","caller":"app/plugin_api.go:895","plugin_id":"focalboard","workspaceID":"mjg8wbbgi7gix8jcim41c54xur","blockID":"codbjg689zb9535uqd6jctahyze"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-27 04:51:49.856 Z","level":"info","msg":"BroadcastingBlockChange","caller":"app/plugin_api.go:895","plugin_id":"focalboard","workspaceID":"mjg8wbbgi7gix8jcim41c54xur","blockID":"vq3f514cjx5uwn36zm9gct8zbry"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-27 04:51:49.862 Z","level":"info","msg":"BroadcastingBlockChange","caller":"app/plugin_api.go:895","plugin_id":"focalboard","workspaceID":"mjg8wbbgi7gix8jcim41c54xur","blockID":"vc5x5agnc6ngyn9dwf9h9di1m8r"}

Hi @andry23! Thanks for letting us know about this. It looks like you were able to resolve the problem but I wanted to provide some additional information for reference.

If you’re experiencing refresh issues on Mattermost Boards, we recommend:

  1. Updating to the latest version of Boards.
  2. Reloading the client: Clear cache and reload the app from View > Clear Cache and Reload or use CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+R.

As you identified, if you’re running Mattermost v6.1 or earlier, ensure that EnableReliableWebsockets is set to true in the config.json configuration file. After updating the value, please restart the server and reload the desktop client.

Please note : The EnableReliableWebsockets setting will be removed in v6.2

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