Boards New Posts or Edits will not appear until App is restarted


  • New Posts or Edits will not appear unless App is restarted.

Running 5.x here with my team and none can see new edits/adds until they restart Mattermost.
A fix in the works?


this is usually related to websocket problems. Changes are being delivered to the clients on all connected websockets in realtime. Can you verify your websockets are working properly? Any update on the infrastructure in front of mattermost (reverse proxies, loadbalancers, etc.) that might be a reason for that?


I get what you are saying, though Channels works with out issues and has for years.

Only this “Boards” tab, does not auto update the same as Channels. Thoughts?

Boards requires the config setting EnableReliableWebSockets set to true in your config.json, as you can see in the Important Upgrade Notes:

Mattermost Boards requires EnableReliableWebSockets setting to be manually set to true for real-time updates to appear correctly.

Can you verify that this setting is enabled on your installation?
It is highly dependent on the server version you’re running and 5.x is quite dusty already; nowadays this setting is not necessary anymore, so if you get a chance to upgrade, please do that - but if you need to stick to 5.x, please try to set this option and restart mattermost then.