Help getting dev environment working

In the absence of any response to my problems getting an OAuth token from Mattermost, I thought I would get a dev environment going, so I can debug it to find out what I am doing wrong.

I followed the instructions, getting as far as:

	$ make run-server
	Starting docker containers
	starting mattermost-mysql
	Unable to find image 'mysql:5.7' locally
	5.7: Pulling from library/mysql
	fc7181108d40: Pulling fs layer
	787a24c80112: Pulling fs layer
	a08cb039d3cd: Pulling fs layer
	4f7d35eb5394: Pulling fs layer
	5aa21f895d95: Pulling fs layer
	a742e211b7a2: Pulling fs layer
	0163805ad937: Pulling fs layer
	62d0ebcbfc71: Pulling fs layer
	559856d01c93: Pulling fs layer
	c849d5f46e83: Pulling fs layer
	f114c210789a: Pulling fs layer
	4f7d35eb5394: Waiting
	5aa21f895d95: Waiting
	a742e211b7a2: Waiting
	0163805ad937: Waiting
	62d0ebcbfc71: Waiting
	559856d01c93: Waiting
	c849d5f46e83: Waiting
	f114c210789a: Waiting
	787a24c80112: Verifying Checksum
	787a24c80112: Download complete
	4f7d35eb5394: Download complete
	5aa21f895d95: Verifying Checksum
	5aa21f895d95: Download complete
	a08cb039d3cd: Verifying Checksum
	a08cb039d3cd: Download complete
	0163805ad937: Verifying Checksum
	0163805ad937: Download complete
	62d0ebcbfc71: Verifying Checksum
	62d0ebcbfc71: Download complete
	a742e211b7a2: Verifying Checksum
	a742e211b7a2: Download complete
	c849d5f46e83: Verifying Checksum
	c849d5f46e83: Download complete
	f114c210789a: Verifying Checksum
	f114c210789a: Download complete
	fc7181108d40: Download complete
	fc7181108d40: Pull complete
	787a24c80112: Pull complete
	a08cb039d3cd: Pull complete
	4f7d35eb5394: Pull complete
	5aa21f895d95: Pull complete
	a742e211b7a2: Pull complete
	0163805ad937: Pull complete
	62d0ebcbfc71: Pull complete
	559856d01c93: Verifying Checksum
	559856d01c93: Download complete
	559856d01c93: Pull complete
	c849d5f46e83: Pull complete
	f114c210789a: Pull complete
	Digest: sha256:c3594c6528b31c6222ba426d836600abd45f554d078ef661d3c882604c70ad0a
	Status: Downloaded newer image for mysql:5.7
	docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint mattermost-mysql (66369cbda48eca5992274fcd931d33dfe074b452914bb4cf3418567c46bf9169): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use.
	make: *** [Makefile:113: start-docker] Error 125

Is this something to do with the fact that I already have MySql running on my machine?

	$ mysql --version
	mysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.26, for Linux (x86_64) using  EditLine wrapper

Can anyone suggest what to do to fix it, please?

Or tell me the solution to the original problem?


Hi @nikkilocke, would you be open to joining our developer channel on our community server and asking about this there? Our devs and community members are more active there to respond to technical issues like this.