Mattermost - Ubuntu 14.04 (DigitalOcean)

I was able to get Mattermost running on my droplet on Thursday/Friday. I went to login today and it wasn’t coming up. I did some dist-upgrades but that was it and it only updated my jitsi packages.
Is there a way to see if everything is running correctly or if there are errors?

I am a beginner working with servers.

Hi @Zuul47, have you had a chance to review our Troubleshooting Guide on our documentation website? If this doesn’t solve your issues can you please provide details of the issues you’re hitting and your configuration so we may better diagnose?

I get this when I go to my Mattermost. I did the one-line install. Are there log files that are outputted which I can post here?

Thank you for responding to my question Eric, I appreciate it.

Are you sure that your Mattermost is listening to the external or to all ( addresses or do you still have the local loopback ( in your configuration?

Is this in the hosts file? Sorry like I said I’m a new at this.

the hosts file has (old host name) localhost

H @Zuul47,

Can we have your help listing full tests to reproduce, including log file output, per the instructions in the Troubleshooting forum?

Also, please consider helping the community by upvoting the 1-click install for Mattermost on Digital Ocean.

No, in config.json. You should have

"ListenAddress": "",

or so standing there.