How to use the Troubleshooting Forum

Use this category for discussion about problems encountered while deploying and administering Mattermost, integrating and extending Mattermost via apps, plugins, bots, and APIs.

How to Use This Category

  1. Search the web using your preferred search engine first. We have an extensive community that spans numerous websites and there is a good chance someone has already solved your problem.
  2. If you encountered a problem while deploying a new Mattermost server, please review our Deployment Troubleshooting guide to see if you can find your answer there.
  3. If these don’t solve your problem, then create a new topic in this category, and provide as much relevant information as possible, including:
    1. The version of Mattermost you are using.
    2. A link to documentation you used and the specific step at which you’re failing.
    3. Information about any variations you made that differ from the instructions.
    4. Relevant output of error logs found in mattermost.log file located inside the directory where Mattermost is installed.
    5. Surround code and console output with backticks (`) for easy reading. Example: Text beginning and ending with backticks
  4. When your issue is solved, prepend [Solved] to the title of your topic. This helps other users who encounter the same problem in the future. For example, [Solved] Error message: Component X failed to start.
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FWIW, the Symantec SSL checker linked to in this doc seems to be offline.

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Thank you! I’ve removed it from this how-to guide at this time. If there’s an alternative SSL checker that you or someone in the community would recommend, let us know.

Hello! how on earth can one prepend [solved] to the post’s title?