The GitLab Mattermost Troubleshooting Forum

The GitLab Mattermost Troubleshooting Forum is a peer-to-peer forum for helping to solve installation and configuration issues from the Mattermost community.

A) Before posting, search the web for your error message to see if an answer already exists.

B) If you can’t find an answer, prepare a report with the following information:

  1. Which version of GitLab are you using?

  2. A link to documentation used and the specific step at which you’re failing

  3. What variations have you made that differ from the instructions?

  4. Relevant output of error logs in mattermost.log from directory where Mattermost is installed

  5. Surround code and console output with backticks (`) for easy reading.

    Example: Text beginning and ending with backticks

Post this information to the GitLab Mattermost Troubleshooting Forum by clicking “New Topic” to ask your question.

C) When your issue is solved, add [Solved] to the title.

This helps users in future use your post as a guide to solve the same problem.

  • For example: [Solved] Error message: Component X failed to start.