Help installing Boards on PikaPods Mattermost instance

I spun up an instance of Mattermost today on PikaPods ( and it seems that Boards is no longer included by default in the latest version of Mattermost (Mattermost Version: 9.1.1).

Could someone help me understand what steps are needed get the Focalboard plugin installed on my Mattermost PikaPod instance? Much of the documentation seems to be outdated (most places say it’s called Boards and is installed in Mattermost by default). Fwiw, I have SFTP and direct database access to my Mattermost instance. Thanks!

I figured it out! Here are the steps in case anyone else also struggles with this in the future:

  1. Access the SFTP server of your pikapod instance and edit the config.json file (under config folder): Under PluginSettings, change Enable to true:
    “Enable”: true,
  2. Restart pikapod Mattermost instance.
  3. Download the latest Focalboard plugin here under Assets (mattermost-plugin-focalboard.tar.gz).
  4. In Mattermost under Plugin Management, upload the .tar.gz file

That’s it!

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Hi, could you please let me know on how exactly you made it work like whats the server you are using, mysql or postgresql and did you change anything else in the config files? I got an NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. when I tried to upload the plugin