Help with Docker Setup with Nginx

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I am having an issue getting mattermost setup with Nginx with the docker instructions
I am not sure what needs to be configured with Nginx as this is my first time setting up a reverse proxy
I am running this on a VM with Ubuntu 22.04.3 lts, that has two network adapters one with a local lan, and the other with a public WAN address
I would like to get it running with Https so I can have the traffic encrypted and also run the call plugin

Steps to reproduce
I am following the guide here Install Mattermost via Docker — Mattermost documentation for ubuntu
I am able to get Letsencypt to get a cert as I have an A record setup on my DNS server linked to the public IP I have assigned to the WAN adapter

Expected behavior
I am able to get everything running with the local lan setup, but I cannot get the Nginx configured properly, and when I start the docker containers via the steps in the guide the Nginx docker container is stuck restarting, so I know that I am missing a configuration step

Observed behavior
When I run the " docker ps " command that is where I can see the "nginx_mattermost " container is stuck restarting

Hello , if you are using docker , have a look at Nginx Proxy Manager Docker Image , i believe it can help you .

This did work, but I am now getting the " Please check connection, Mattermost unreachable. If issue persists, ask administrator to check WebSocket port."

I have websockets support enabled on the proxy, but is there another setting that I need to add to the proxy manager to fix this, as there is nothing in the referring to this issue in the troubleshooting link

Kindly paste the logs , that can help understand the issue your are facing .

Hi thank you for the response, but I have gone with the omnibus deployment, as I am not well versed in docker, it is on my list to get familiar with going forward. Thank you for responding though, it was appreciated.