How can I disable "HEY! Open Mattermost to increase your team’s productivity!" emails sent every 5 days

On March 17th, probably starting with 6.5.0, my self-hosted team edition instance started sending me unwanted e-mails every 5 days with the following subject: “HEY! Open Mattermost to increase your team’s productivity!”, encouraging me to open my own self-hosted instance with enticements about various features.

Steps to reproduce
Deploy a self-hosted team edition instance using 6.5.0, configured with the ability to send emails to administrator, and do not write any content (no DMs, no messages in channels, etc.) for >5 days.

Expected behavior
No emails asking me to use my own private instance.

I don’t expect to receive marketing emails advertising the use of my own instance, regardless of how much or how little I use it.

Observed behavior
The text of the email is as follows, with link converted to

Unlock increased productivity with these awesome features
Hey admingavin, we’ve noticed that your Mattermost server is collecting a bit of dust. Take a look at some features that can help lighten your team’s workload.

  • Guest Access to specified Channels
  • Workflow management with Playbooks
  • Manage tasks using Boards
    Come and check it out!
    Open Mattermost


I cannot find any configuration that relates to such emails, and I would prefer not to have to disable all email config until I need it on a case-by-case basis, as it will increase admin burden for me.

We’re working on adding a config setting for this in the near term.

Thanks, I’d appreciate that feature.

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Would love to be able to disable this as well. Sort of annoying to not have that option.

Please add an option to disable these e-mails. I get one every week.

With the latest 6.7.0 release (released today), these emails can now be disabled via a config setting Configuration settings — Mattermost documentation.