How do I use emoji reactions?

I see other users in mattermost reacting to messages with emojis, but I can’t see anywhere in the software to do this myself. How do I use this feature?


Is it supposed to be in this menu? I found some implementation notes where the feature was added that implied a new menu item would be added here, but I don’t have it.

Emoji Reactions are available from a menu (see below) or by typing +[EMOJI_NAME], for example +:smile:

It looks like you’re on an older version of Mattermost, you can ask your admin to follow the upgrade guide to the up-to-date features.


Thanks, I’ll download the 4.1 version and see if the feature shows up. Didn’t think about that because it never occurred to me that my client would be showing reactions if it doesn’t have the reactions feature.


:+1: minor note, latest version right now is 4.10.

I have upgraded to 4.1.1 and I still don’t have this feature. Where do I get 4.10? I went to this page and it looks like 4.10 is available for Linux but not Windows:

Apparently emoji reactions are only available when mattermost is maximized to my full screen? When maximized I have this menu if I hover over a message:

But when mattermost is not maximized, all I get is the menu I showed above in the earlier post.

How can I use an emoji reaction without maximizing mattermost?

Thanks for pointing this out @Dyson, I have created a ticket for our design team to look into that:

Currently when you are using Mattermost with minimum window dimensions you can only react by typing. As Ian mentioned, you type +[EMOJI_NAME], for example +:smile:, in the comment thread of the message you are reacting to.